The TDS series is a flexible and modular web processing unit which represents a further development of the MED series and which has been especially conceived and designed with the aim of manufacturing products for the Pharmaceutical market.This series of web processing units are able to manufacture Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS/TDS) composed of various layers by delaminating and laminating the different materials.Control of the different phases of the web converting is guaranteed by quality checks and in-line inspection systems such as Photocells, Sensors, sophisticated Vision Systems, etc...
Printing on the TDS patch is also available through thermal transfer dedicated printers using FDA approved ribbons as is the printing of the OCV/OCR data on the pouch complete with camera control.Machine construction is according to GMP. Software compliance according to CFR 21 Part 11 is also available as are DQ/IQ/OQ , with or without execution.

The ODF series is a flexible and modular web processing unit especially developed for the production of Oral Film Strips (ODF) or Muccoadhesive Film Strips (MBF). A flexibility which can be incorporated in the machine is the possibility of having a slitter&rewinder station installed at the beginning of the web converting process thus allowing the coated mother roll produced in the coating machine to be directly processed in the machine without the need of having a separated unit. In addition to all the inspection systems available in the TDS series, for a product such as Oral Films, which is going in the mouth of the patients, an additional system for detection of small metal impurities is also available. The ODF can also be printed using FDA approved water inks. Machine construction and documentation same as TDS series.



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