RCA Bignami was founded in 1994. It is quite a young company, with solid pillars, an enormous desire
and energy to continually look forward. Significant years of intense activities, experience and continuous innovation, place the company among the leading corporation in the industry.
Its history represents a remarkable growing path: playing an important role in the rotary dies
and cutting modules production, as well as machinery for the medical and pharmaceutical market.
Today, the offer has been expanded further including a production of packaging lines, based on the customer needs.

RCA Bignami high qualified staff guarantees a solid organized structure which allows flexibility and prompt actions that big companies often cannot guarantee. This allows a smooth and accurate customers' support and follow-up.

Welcome to
RCA Bignami

Rca Bignami srl . via Cà bassa 61 . 21100 Varese Italy
T+39.0332.333601/ 330539 . F+39.0332 / 335885 . rcabignami@rcabignami.com

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