Virtual Service

In order to limit transfers and to avoid contacts, RCA BIGNAMI is ready with its new Digital Reference Center. With the new Virtual Service our technicians can assist clients directly from our Hub.

How does it work?

Our technicians can assist you virtually by using both you and our staff smart glasses which will make the service possible. If you are having problems with a product and you need assistance, email us at service@rcabignami.com explaining your problem. A technician will email you back as soon as possible and if needed, he will schedule a virtual appointment.

What do I need?

In order to enable the service, you will need smart glasses. We can provide them to you if'd you prefer us to.

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T+39.0332.333601/ 330539 . F+39.0332 / 335885 . rcabignami@rcabignami.com

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